Pet Mod Poketypos (Sinistcha Slate)

all subs are fixed, so now it's voting time! remember you're only allowed to SV yourself in second place

voting lasts for 36 hours!
Type: Grass/Water
Abilities: Hospitality (Heal this Pokémon for 1/16 at the end of each turn. ) || Triage (HA) I promise it’s not as bad as it looks
Stats: 100/65/86/116/70/70
Movepool Changes:
+Wish, Flip Turn, Will-o-Wisp, Whirlpool
-Strength Sap, Nasty Plot
Note: Make sure Matcha Gotcha has the healing tag
Two main options, either a pretty terrifying cm triage sweeper with matcha gotcha, or a good bulky Mon that functions similarly to how a pheal Mon would. Grass/Water is always a nice typing that’s Definetly underused and fits cuz tea. Higher HP and lower defenses means it’s better at the whole bulky , and worse at the triage set, even though triage will likely still be it’s best set. There’s even a trapper off set that I could see it being quite good at with Whirlpool, wishtect, hospitality, and matcha gotcha.
and the new Sinistcha will be Jrdyop :) Sinistcha! Hopefully we'll see how this shines in the meta!

We'll go through another round of playtesting before balance changes, since there's a few mons that definitely need a bit of a fixer. In the meantime, feel free to discuss here or in the discord server! See you then!

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